Welcome to playing ice hockey at Western Province Ice Hockey Association

Please read the below guide to getting started with ice hockey at WPIHA. This will give you a great idea how to get on the ice for the first time and what you can expect as a new ice hockey player. Let's get started.

1. Can you skate?
This is the first question that we will be asking you, as we do teach and coach ice hockey, it is important that you are able to balance and move on the ice in a forwards direction. The rest we are able to teach you like stops, tight turns, skating backwards, etc. The better you can skate when starting hockey the more you will enjoy it. That being said, if you cannot skate yet we do have options for you. For more information please contact our Head Coach for the best solution to get started.

2. Come and Try Out
In order to make your decision to start playing hockey, you will need to pay a R200 fee which will gain your access to 3 try-out sessions. These sessions take place on Sunday mornings from 07:30. You will be required to arrive at 07:00 and report to the Administration table to sign in and be allocated you equipment for the session. The practice starts at 07:30 and no players will be allowed on the ice if they arrive late. Please ensure that you make your booking for your try-out sessions in advance with Tracy Cerff via WhatsApp on 082 823 6953.